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  .fm   SALE! $99.95  $79.95
  .am   SALE! $49.95  $44.95   SALE! $19.95  $14.95   SALE! $19.95  $14.95
  .tv   SALE! $34.95  $29.95
  .com   SALE! $12.95   $9.95
  .net   SALE! $12.95   $9.95
  .org   SALE! $12.95   $9.95

Please Note: Transfers will succeed only if the admin. contact information showing in the Whois is up-to-date and matches what what you provide to us. We are unable to process domain names that expires within 10 days of today, is less then 60 days old, or is involved in a legal dispute.

IMPORTANT: Confirmation Emails sent by your current registrar or the registry must be answered immediately.

 Transfers may take up to 7 days under normal circumstances to complete. If the current registrar refuses to acknowledge a transfer request for any reason, the transfer may take longer (up to 14 days) to complete.

 Not all domain name functionalities will transfer. For example, another registrar may offer 5 Mg free Web hosting, free URL forwarding, etc. Only the domain will be transferred, not services.

* Transfer Pricing applies to Transfers ONLY.
· Prices subject to change without notice. All pricing in US Dollars.

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